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Primary Pars

The Pars Foundation currently deliver their after school development programme in the following schools. If you would like to see the Pars Foundation in your school please call us on 01383 745901 or email: sales@theparsfoundation.org


Carnegie PS P1-3 3.05-4.05pm £3.00
Crossgates PS P1-3 3.00-4.00pm £3.00
St Margarets PS P1-3 3.00-4.00pm £3.00
Milesmark P.S P3-5 3.00-4.00pm £3.00
Duloch P.S P4-P7 3.00-4.00pm £3.00
Masterton P.S P1-P3 3.00-4.00pm- £3.00


St Johns PS P1-3 3.00-4.00pm £3.00
Touch PS P1-3 3.15-4.15pm £3.00
Touch PS P4-5 4.15-5.15pm £3.00
Pitreavie PS P1-4 3.00-4.00pm £3.00
Limekilns PS P3-4 3.15-4.15pm £3.00
Carnock PS P1-4 3.00-4.00pm £3.00
Crossgates PS P2-4 3.00-4.00pm £3.00
Duloch P.S P1-P3 3.00-4.00pm £3.00


Masterton PS P4-5 3.00-4.00pm £3.00
Commercial PS P1-3 3.00-4.00pm £3.00
Tulliallen P.S P1-P3 3.00-4.00pm £2.00
Inverkeithing P.S P4-P5 3.00-4.00pm £3.00
St Margarets PS P1-3 3.00-4.00pm £3.00
ST Serfs P.S P1-P3 3.00-4.00pm £2.50


Kings Road PS P1-3 3.20-4.20pm £3.00
Crossford PS P1-3 3.15-4.15pm £3.00
Canmore PS P4-7 3.15-4.15pm £3.00
St Kenneths PS P1-3 3.00-4.00pm £2.50
Benarty PS P1-3 3.00-4.00pm £2.50
Cairneyhill PS P6-7 3.15-4.15pm £3.00


St Leonards PS P1-3 3.00-4.00pm £3.00
Carnegie PS P4-7 3.05-4.05pm £3.00
Masterton PS P6-7 3.05-4.05pm £3.00

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