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Date KO Opponent Competition Res Att Pos MR
Sat, 25th Jun13:00awayPARTICK THISTLEFriendly3 - 4MR
Wed, 29th Jun19:30awayALLOA ATHLETICFriendly1 - 1MR
Sat, 2nd Jul15:00awayLIVINGSTONFriendly5 - 1600MR
Tue, 5th Jul19:45awayCLYDEFriendly1 - 0MR
Fri, 8th Jul19:30awayCIVIL SERVICE STROLLERSFriendly1 - 0156MR
Sat, 9th Jul15:00homeHEARTSFriendly3 - 12016MR
Sat, 16th Jul12:00awayDUNDONALD BLUEBELLFriendly5 - 1MR
Sun, 17th Jul15:30awayKELTY HEARTSFriendly0 - 2MR
Tue, 19th Jul19:45homeARBROATHLeague Cup3 - 01974MR
Thu, 21st Jul14:00NSHEFFIELD UNITEDFriendly0 - 0MR
Sat, 23rd Jul15:00awayCOWDENBEATHLeague Cup3 - 01481MR
Tue, 26th Jul19:45homeINVERNESS CALEY THISTLELeague Cup1 - 52580MR
Wed, 27th Jul19:15awayCROSSGATES PRIMROSEFriendly8 - 0MR
Sun, 31st Jul15:00awayDUNDEE UNITEDLeague Cup0 - 24951MR
Sat, 6th Aug15:00homeDUMBARTONSPFLCH4 - 334962ndMR
Sat, 13th Aug15:00awayHIBERNIANSPFLCH1 - 2164774thMR
Tue, 16th Aug14:00homeRAITH ROVERSFriendly3 - 1MR
Sat, 20th Aug15:00awayRAITH ROVERSSPFLCH0 - 251147thMR
Tue, 23rd Aug18:00awayST JOHNSTONEU20L2 - 1MR
Sat, 27th Aug15:00homeQUEEN OF THE SOUTHSPFLCH0 - 139737thMR
Sun, 28th Aug14:00homeBERWICK RANGERSScottish Youth Cup3 - 1MR
Wed, 31st Aug19:45awayRAITH ROVERSFife Cup1 - 1MR
Sat, 3rd Sep15:00awayBRECHIN CITYIrn-Bru Cup5 - 1577MR
Tue, 6th Sep18:00homeCELTICU20L0 - 1155MR
Sat, 10th Sep15:00homeDUNDEE UNITEDSPFLCH1 - 355638thMR
Tue, 13th Sep18:00awayROSS COUNTYU20L4 - 2MR
Sat, 17th Sep15:00awayMORTONSPFLCH1 - 217569thMR
Mon, 19th Sep18:00homePARTICK THISTLEU20L0 - 1MR
Sat, 24th Sep17:15homeST MIRRENSPFLCH4 - 327327thMR
Sun, 25th Sep13:30awayLIVINGSTONScottish Youth Cup4 - 0MR
Wed, 28th Sep18:00homeHEARTSU20L2 - 3MR
Sat, 1st Oct15:00awayAYR UNITEDSPFLCH0 - 028838thMR
Mon, 3rd Oct18:00homeDUNDEEU20L1 - 01039thMR
Sat, 8th Oct15:00homeQUEENS PARKIrn-Bru Cup2 - 119308thMR
Mon, 10th Oct19:00awayMOTHERWELLU20L0 - 4MR
Sat, 15th Oct15:00awayFALKIRKSPFLCH1 - 263778thMR
Tue, 18th Oct14:00homeST MIRRENU20L5 - 1152MR
Sat, 22nd Oct15:00homeHIBERNIANSPFLCH1 - 376248thMR
Mon, 24th Oct19:00awayFALKIRKU20L1 - 29thMR
Sat, 29th Oct15:00awayDUMBARTONSPFLCH2 - 210378thMR
Tue, 1st Nov14:00homeRANGERSU20L1 - 09thMR
Sat, 5th Nov15:00homeRAITH ROVERSSPFLCH0 - 056499thMR
Sun, 6th Nov14:00awayST MIRRENScottish Youth Cup2 - 09thMR
Tue, 8th Nov19:45awayDUNDEE UNITEDSPFLCH0 - 159969thMR
Wed, 9th Nov18:00awayINVERNESS CALEY THISTLEU20L0 - 1MR
Sat, 12th Nov12:30homeDUNDEE UNITEDIrn-Bru Cup0 - 125769thMR
Tue, 15th Nov14:00homeABERDEENU20L1 - 0MR
Sat, 19th Nov17:15awayST MIRRENSPFLCH1 - 021268thMR
Tue, 22nd Nov14:00awayHIBERNIANU20L0 - 3MR
Sat, 26th Nov15:00awayBUCKIE THISTLEScottish Cup5 - 314408thMR
Tue, 29th Nov13:00homeDUNDEE UNITEDU20L1 - 0687thMR
Sat, 3rd Dec15:00homeAYR UNITEDSPFLCH1 - 132509thMR
Sun, 4th Dec13:30awayAYR UNITEDScottish Youth Cup0 - 17thMR
Wed, 7th Dec19:00awayHAMILTON ACCIESU20L0 - 38thMR
Sat, 10th Dec15:00homeMORTONSPFLCH2 - 131017thMR
Tue, 13th Dec14:00homeKILMARNOCKU20L1 - 1MR
Sat, 17th Dec15:00awayQUEEN OF THE SOUTHSPFLCH2 - 215617thMR
Mon, 26th Dec15:00homeFALKIRKSPFLCH1 - 161347thMR
Tue, 27th Dec18:00awayCELTICU20L3 - 07thMR
Mon, 2nd Jan15:00awayRAITH ROVERSSPFLCH2 - 058996thMR
Sat, 7th Jan15:00awayAYR UNITEDSPFLCH2 - 022616thMR
Sat, 14th Jan15:00homeST MIRRENSPFLCH1 - 141085thMR
Sat, 21st Jan15:00awayALLOA ATHLETICScottish Cup3 - 218716thMR
Tue, 24th Jan14:00homeROSS COUNTYU20L4 - 07thMR
Sat, 28th Jan15:00homeDUNDEE UNITEDSPFLCH1 - 146706thMR
Mon, 30th Jan14:00awayPARTICK THISTLEU20L3 - 16thMR
Sat, 4th Feb15:00awayFALKIRKSPFLCH0 - 259536thMR
Mon, 6th Feb19:30awayHEARTSU20L1 - 16thMR
Sat, 11th Feb15:00homeHAMILTON ACCIESScottish Cup1 - 129456thMR
Mon, 13th Feb14:00awayDUNDEEU20L0 - 2MR
Tue, 14th Feb19:45awayHAMILTON ACCIESScottish Cup1 - 112226thMR
Tue, 21st Feb14:00homeMOTHERWELLU20L3 - 2MR
Sat, 25th Feb17:15awayHIBERNIANSPFLCH2 - 2144376thMR
Mon, 27th Feb14:00awayST MIRRENU20L4 - 26thMR
Sat, 4th Mar15:00homeDUMBARTONSPFLCH5 - 133206thMR
Mon, 6th Mar14:00homeFALKIRKU20L0 - 27thMR
Tue, 7th Mar19.45homeQUEEN OF THE SOUTHSPFLCH1 - 126536thMR
Sat, 11th Mar15:00awayST MIRRENSPFLCH0 - 045826thMR
Wed, 15th Mar14:00awayRANGERSU20L3 - 37thMR
Sat, 18th Mar15:00homeAYR UNITEDSPFLCH0 - 132766thMR
Sat, 25th Mar15:00awayMORTONSPFLCH1 - 026706thMR
Tue, 28th Mar18:00awayABERDEENU20L0 - 410thMR
Sat, 1st Apr15:00homeHIBERNIANSPFLCH1 - 170586thMR
Mon, 3rd Apr14:00homeHIBERNIANU20L0 - 310thMR
Thu, 6th Apr14:00homeINVERNESS CALEY THISTLEU20L1 - 19thMR
Sat, 8th Apr15:00homeRAITH ROVERSSPFLCH1 - 048656thMR
Tue, 11th Apr19:45awayDUNDEE UNITEDSPFLCH0 - 153046thMR
Fri, 14th Apr14:00awayDUNDEE UNITEDU20L2 - 210thMR
Sat, 15th Apr15:00awayDUMBARTONSPFLCH2 - 011425thMR
Tue, 18th Apr15:00homeHAMILTON ACCIESU20L1 - 410thMR
Sat, 22nd Apr15:00homeFALKIRKSPFLCH1 - 250766thMR
Tue, 25th Apr18:00awayKILMARNOCKU20L2 - 110thMR
Sat, 29th Apr15:00homeMORTONSPFLCH3 - 133395thMR
Tue, 2nd May14:00homeST JOHNSTONEU20L

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