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Angry Geggan in disbelief

Monday, 24th Apr 2017

"When you see it back, it is a shocker.

Club captain Andy Geggan felt that the penalty decision significantly changed the Derby game against Falkirk.

"I have watched it back and you clearly see Sean`s (Murdoch) hands coming round and flicking the ball away from him. I don`t know if Hippolyte was trying to get away from him or he has just rolled over him. From where the referee was standing and from where the linesman was standing, I do not know how one of them cannot see it."

The decision incensed the Dunfermline players and none more so than keeper Murdoch. Andy could understand the stopper`s anger drawing similarity with the incident at the end of last Sunday`s Ross County match against Celtic :-

"When you see it back, it is a shocker. It was like that one last week in the Celtic game. That was a shocker as well but this one is up there. I think the game should be reviewed and there has to be a word with the officials. Something needs to be done."

Andy revealed that Myles Hippolyte had admitted during the game that it wasn`t a penalty and even expressed a view that Lewis Martin should not have been sent off.

"I`m not to sure, I asked big Lewis if he has touched him, he said that he had caught him and he was the last man so he had to send him off. That is just what happens."

Had the referee offered any defence for his penalty award decision?

"I was trying to speak to him on the way off but he just said `no, I will speak to you in there` but as soon as he gets inside he runs into his wee hole so you cannot find him. He just said to us `it`s a penalty, just get away from me.`

"Obviously the way that we reacted suggests that it was not a penalty. I think he had a bad game all day. There was one tackle on me in the first half (by Mark Kerr) that could have ended up a lot worse. I think if our players had reacted in the way they did, well he would have been sent off as well."

The Falkirk player did apologise for his tackle, Andy related:-
"He is an honest guy and he said to me after the game that he did catch me but he did not mean any harm in it.

"This is what happens in football it can be a funny game. I thought we were on top in the first half then things like that just change it."

Some consolation can come from Saturday however, results elsewhere ensured that Dunfermline cannot now be relegated and the club that was relegated from the Premier League in 2012 and the First Division in 2013 has taken its first steps at consolidating progress. Andy looked forward:-

"This is our first time back in this league for four years, we have established ourselves pretty well. If we manage to keep our key players then we could become a good team."

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