Centenary Club

Our Club, our future

The Centenary Club was formed in 1985 to mark the centenary of Dunfermline Athletic Football Club (DAFC), with its sole purpose to provide financial support to the football club.

In 2013 DAFC were placed into administration, with the future of the club in doubt. As a result, the Centenary Club Lifeline was launched, and with over 1100 members contributing became the key driver in supporting the club back to financial stability.

To date the Club has raised over £1.8million and this remarkable support from our fanbase continues to be envied by many other football clubs.

In 2020, Dunfermline Athletics’ Board of Directors welcomed new investment from the GmbH group, which provided further financial security for the football club. Most excitingly, the club are now, for the first time in years, planning their own training academy from grass roots to professional level.

Regardless of this valued investment, the role of the Centenary Club remains at the heart of the football club. Our values of supporting the club remain as they were since 1985, but the term “Lifeline” is now less appropriate.

Therefore, after much planning and discussions, we were delighted to revert to our original name, The Centenary Club, but with a new, specific focus on “Our Club, Our Future”.

Register below to be part of our journey and to stand the chance of winning one of our regular cash prizes.

Winners: 17/02 vs Arbroath

£200: Kevin Hynd, 3668

£200: Janette Dowie, 3950

£200: George Ford, 2583

£200: David Archbold, 3407

£200: Darren Westwater, 4981

2 Boardroom Passes for Ayr United: Stuart Millar (2553)

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I would like to become a member of Dunfermline Athletic Centenary Club. I fully understand the prize structure can change subject to the number of Centenary Club members.

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2. On receipt of your unique membership ID , set up a standing order mandate with your bank starting on the 1st of each month. Please note that you must add your unique membership ID as a reference when arranging your subscription payment.

Please pay to:
Sort code: 82-62-19, Virgin Money, Dunfermline.
Account Number: 00174982, for credit to DAFC Centenary Club.
To the sum of either: £ 20.00 per month or £ 240 Annually

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Who can join?

• Anybody! You don’t have to be a season ticket holder to join. Non-Pars fans are welcome!

• You can have as many memberships as you like, multiplying your chances of winning.

Why should I join?
• This is Dunfermline Athletic’s officially sanctioned method
for any supporter to sign up to a fundraising vehicle for
the Club.

• The more supporters that sign up, the more funds can be
given directly to Dunfermline Athletic and the youth
Academy each month.

• You can win prizes throughout the season! Since 1985,
over £1,000,000 has been given away to members of the
Centenary Club in prizes.

How can I join?
• Please complete our one-off membership form above with your details.
• A standing order of £20 a month will then commence.

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