Update on Matty Todd

James McPake has given an update on Matty Todd following the ankle injury the 22 year old sustained in the home win over Annan Athletic:-

“He will get surgery a week on Thursday and he will be out for twelve weeks after the surgery. I feel more for the player. I have been in that position, I have had my fair share of injuries and surgeries. As much as it is a blow to the team because he is a really good player, he is a young person. He has had his appendix, he has had his nose job and now he has got this. He feels that he can’t catch a break but there can be positives with an injury. 

“I know that maybe sounds a bit daft just now but a week on Thursday he will get his first tick in the box to getting back. He gets it repaired and then I think this will be the first proper rehab that he has had to do and he will come back stronger from that. It takes you to a tough place when you are doing rehab from a relatively serious injury. You learn a lot about yourself and Matty has been excellent but if he can get that extra five or ten per cent in what he can push his body to, and we will help him during the rehab, then he will come back a better player. 

“Really that’s the only positives you try and get from an injury. You need to use it in a way that you can come out of it with something. We will help Matty with that but I’m gutted for him. It is a sore one because he is off the back of doing well last season. He was looking great, getting to a very good level and now he is going to spend twelve weeks out. That’s football but we just need to help the person and the player. He is a human being after all. He is going to be gutted and it is going take a wee while for him to get back but we will help him.”

Matty made 40 appearances for Dunfermline last season, all but one were as starts and most times saw him play the full 90 minutes. He scored 11 goals in those 40 appearances before missing the final three matches of the season due to appendicitis. Fans and everyone at the club wishes Matty a full and speedy recovery.

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