Dunfermline Athletic

The Supporters’ Council

The Supporters’ Council has been developed as an important piece of the Club’s governance strategy. It also aims to foster an ethos of participation and inclusiveness among all those who support Dunfermline Athletic. The Club believes in openness and transparency, through which trust will be built, and this is one of the mechanisms which will achieve that.

The Council meets four times a year and is open to all. Meetings are a forum for the Board and the General Managers to give an account of what has been happening in the previous quarter as well as addressing important issues of which the supporters should be aware. There is then a question and answer session which enables points to be amplified and clarified, as well as acting as a two-way communication conduit.

Another feature is the ability to raise proposals for the advancement of the Club. As a result of active participation, a number of work parties have been set up (for example disabled access, DAFC heritage, a DAFC Fan’s Charter) and supporters are also encouraged to volunteer their skills and time for the advancement of the Club in such practical ways as maintenance or re-decoration. The working parties report back on progress.

The Supporters’ Council seeks to foster grass-roots engagement with the club. It has sponsored local village meetings where we hope Pars fans will come to know each other better and consider establishing local DAFC supporter clubs. Those who attend the Supporters’ Council are encouraged to become ‘representatives’ of DAFC’, and become actively involved.

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