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Ryan Scully Returns

Thursday, 24th Jan 2019

Ryan Scully confessed that it was brilliant to be back at East End Park and training was like the first day at school all over again.

“In the circumstances I was in I would rather have been playing. Once I got the opportunity to come back here it was a no brainer for me. It is not to say that I will come straight back into the team, I know that I will need to work hard and earn that position. I felt that I had to make the move and try to get back playing football.”

The 26 year old who made 87 appearances for Dunfermline while on loan from Partick Thistle in 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 hopes to rekindle his popularity with the support:-

“I think it helps if a club knows you and you have a good relationship with the fans as well. I think that does play a part in it, obviously it is a massive club and it is a great chance to be back.

“I had two good years here, probably my fondest memories of playing football are at Dunfermline. They gave me my first real chance of first team football. As soon as it came up I thought it was a great opportunity for me and not one that I could really turn down.

“You feel fondest for the club that gives you first team football. It is a great club, great people so it was a great chance to come back.”

Ryan explained some of the background to his move and revealed that he had spoken to his manager at Morton, Jonatan Johansson after Christmas to find out what his plans were. Ryan continued:-

“I am at a stage now in my career where I need to be playing regular football if I want to kick on. I said that if anything came about in January, if something could happen it would happen. It came about that there was a chance to come to Dunfermline. I just left it to my agent to see what could happen.”

So Ryan left Morton to join Dunfermline on 24 January and as these things go, coincidence takes Dunfermline to Cappielow on 26 January to face Morton. Ryan commented:-

“You couldn’t write it. I was a wee bit worried that it might get prolonged until after the game but JJ was great with me. He was very accommodating getting stuff done. Obviously the January transfer window is a stressful time for managers to get players in. The last thing you want is players wanting to move but he was brilliant and thankfully we got it done.”

Ryan predicts that despite Morton and Dunfermline being in the lower half of the Championship table where teams are scrapping for points, a couple of wins takes you back into a play off spot.

“It is a crazy league this year, Morton are very close to us, they are just four points ahead of us. A big game for us trying to kick start our season. I think it was a similar position we were in last year where it was a slow start to the season but kicked on towards the end and made the play offs.

“Hopefully that is the plan just now, it is a great chance to do that against the team above us and get the three points.”

Asked if he had some revealing insider information Ryan smiled and said:-

“I will do my best, anything to get in the team, if the gaffer needs anything but he has put in their research and know the majority of things. I am sure that they will ask us one or two things, I will be happy to help.”

The squad has changed somewhat since Ryan was last at East End Park, only Ryan Williamson, Lewis Martin and Faissal El Bakhtaoui were here when he was last at Dunfermline. It is different but then he also knows a few of the boys like Danny Devine and James Craigen who played alongside him. Should he play on Saturday Ryan would expect some stick from the home fans.

“There was no ill will towards the club. It was just purely on football basis. I imagine I will get a bit of stick and that spurs you on. You want to prove every time you go out on the pitch that you are at a good level.

“If I get my opportunity I am really looking forward to it and hopefully I can put in a good performance. I am not coming here with any false pretences that I can go straight in to be number one. I know that I need to work hard but I am confident of my own abilities.

“I managed to do it at Morton at the start of this season under Ray McKinnon. When a new manager comes in, he has new ideas. I will be looking forward to doing it again and hopefully I can get a good start.”

Coming in fresh to the squad Ryan felt that the dressing room was lively. As everyone does, Ryan underlined just how tough a league the Championship is and you want to be doing well.

“If you look at the table and it is not great viewing, you know that you are only a couple of wins away from it. It is up to us as the players on the pitch to start dong it. It is alright talking about it and saying a couple of wins here and there but it is trying to get that consistency in the performances and hopefully we can get that going on Saturday.”

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