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Monday, 12th Nov 2018

“Looking at the game you don’t think that we are not going to score but we have actually ended up losing the game.”

Myles Hippolyte turned 24 on Friday but the match closest to his birthday did not give him anything to celebrate. After the 1-0 defeat to Falkirk he told the media:-

“The game should probably have been put to bed in the first couple of minutes” and went on to reflect how this has been the story all season:-

“We are dominating games, it is clear to see. The stats don’t lie as well as regards chances but it is another game that we haven’t won. It is frustrating.”

Myles who was a Falkirk player until February this year confessed that every single player is up for it in the derby game:-

“We know what is expected and we want to get a win. The way we started was perfect it was just without a goal. Looking at the game you don’t think that we are not going to score but we have actually ended up losing the game. Personally I thought we should have been ahead by a few.”

Dominating games is all very well but Myles thinks the way to converting that into results is by remaining positive and believing that goals will come. that we can score.

“It is frustrating. Hopefully we can bounce back the following week at Ross County, show the same energy and performance as we put on today and get the goals, that is the main thing.”

Falkirk had no shots at goal in the first half. Myles felt that you could feel that on the pitch and for that reason it was very frustrating to be saying that they dominated, did well but did not come out with a result or with what we deserved.

“They have had a shot at goal and they scored. We have had plenty of shots and not scored. It is not acceptable at all to have that. We shouldn’t be doing that with the players that we have got.”

If Dunfermline has scored first as they should have done, Myles was certain that they would have gone on to win the game. He continued:-

“One hundred per cent, if we had scored the first goal in those first couple of minutes I could have said we would have gone on to three or four. I think the confidence of everyone throughput the team would have been on a high.

“Even though we dominated it was a stand still game in a sense that no one was scoring and we were on top so much but it took one chance for them to get a goal. You have seen that happen many times in football and it happened today to us.”

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