Dunfermline Athletic

DAFC Vision & Values

A Framework for Success

Dunfermline Athletic to be recognised, throughout the football world as a sustainable and entertaining community based football club which:

• ls supporter owned, with fans’ representation on the board of directors
• Is rooted in its communities, respectful of its heritage and represents the town of Dunfermline with pride
• Draws its support from a diverse range of fans
• Plays to entertain at the highest level with passion, skill, integrity and a desire to win
• Retains a strong focus on youth development
• Recruits young and motivated players
• Maintains good relationships with local businesses and suppliers
• Operates within clear and realistic budgets at all times
• Is transparent in all its activities and welcomes feedback from all stakeholders
• Creates an atmosphere in which all staff are motivated to excel and to embrace ‘our vision’ and are appreciated for doing so
• Is managed, marketed and developed, both on and off the field, to the highest professional standards
• Aspires to be a force to be reckoned with in Scottish football, and respected by its peers

Our Club has a number of core values that cascade down from the Chairman, the Board of Directors, and the Management to all players, staff and supporters.

Our Club strives to ensure that all values are upheld.

Work hard and show positive attitude in everything you do whilst representing Dunfermline Athletic FC

Encourage, recognise and celebrate progress on and off the park

Work conscientiously to develop, improve and do our very best in our own individual roles within our Club, so we will have a much better chance of winning/succeeding

Be part and play an active role in the local community

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