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DAFC Community Strategy

DAFC and The Pars Foundation will work together in partnership to deliver a programme of ongoing activity that will increase the relevance of our club to our communities, sustain and build our loyal support and introduce a new generation of young people to football and its wider benefits.

This will be achieved by developing a joint partnership agreement which will commit both partners to deliver shared strategic aims and objectives while ensuring respective financial integrity and independence.

Both partners will regularly monitor progress through their respective governance structures and will establish an operational structure to maximise the impact of DAFC’s wider community programme.

Pars United Ltd is now the holding company for Dunfermline Athletic Football Club (“DAFC”), and is constituted as a Community Interest Company (“PUCIC”) with community and social objectives. PUCIC is committed to reforming our Club, and delivering resulting benefits to the local community.

The Pars Foundation (Reg Charity NO: SC043970) were established and registered as a charity with OSCR in May 2013, responsible for the running of DAFC’s community programme. The structure of the charity allows The Pars Foundation to grow and develop programmes to benefit the community of Dunfermline focusing on Children’s Health and Well Being, Elderly, Disability, Community Deprivation and other causes in the West Fife area.

An engaging Community strategy has to be part of the DNA of our Club again. “Save“and “Buy” The Pars highlighted exactly what ‘community’ is all about. Our Community strategy has to be more than just football - but DAFC can be a catalyst for change.

Therefore, our Community Strategy will involve a 2 tier approach:

Football Programmes

The Pars Foundation already offer a broad range of established and well attended football programmes, and continue to make efforts to improve what exists. Together with key partners The Pars Foundation will continue to:

•Maximize participation in Football at all levels in the non-professional game

•Develop Grassroots Football Clubs through our partnership with Fife Soccer 7’s

•Provide local Coaches with Coach Education and In-Service opportunities

•Increase participation by females in all areas of football

•Increase and improve access and participation by those with disability

•Increase access and participation by older age groups

•Increase engagement and participation with, and between communities of different religious/ethnic/geographical backgrounds
Non-Football and Proposed Programmes

In addition to those programmes already listed The Pars Foundation deliver and develop non-football activities, and will continue to pro-actively look to increase engagement with different individuals and organisations to enhance such delivery. This will lead to The Pars Foundation involvement in many more non-football related programmes. The Pars Foundation always strive to identify and introduce innovative and effective initiatives to benefit the East of Scotland.

The Pars Foundation are committed to working in partnership with like-minded organisations and individuals to deliver fun and positive outcomes for every community programme participant.

The Pars Foundation focus primarily on 5 broad areas activities to deliver their registered charitable purposes:
Positive Activity - Initiatives which increase the number and variety of people actively involved in any sport or other constructive recreational activity

•Health & Wellbeing - Activities which promote improved mental and physical health & fitness

•Equality & Inclusion - Initiatives designed to address inequalities across communities, and to access and provide opportunities to those persons or groups who may be excluded for whatever reason

•Good Citizenship - Initiatives designed to provide interesting and varied diversionary activities, and those which increase positive behaviours and social responsibility

•Learning - Initiatives which promote the value of lifelong learning and personal development via academic, vocational and experiential opportunities

Although operating in close partnership with the football club, The Pars Foundation is now a financially independent standalone charity governed by its own Board of Trustees. The Scottish Charity Regulator has ultimate oversight of the Trust's activities, to ensure The Pars Foundation fulfils its registered charitable purposes.

Whether interested in football or not, individuals and groups are welcome to attend and participate in relevant football and/or non-football programmes at East End Park and at other locations throughout the East of Scotland.

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