Manager post Raith Rovers

Listen to this James McPake interview

Manager James McPake gave his thoughts after the 1-0 defeat at home to Raith Rovers:-

“Obviously we are disappointed to lose the game. First half, we weren’t at the levels we’re used to seeing from that team. Raith in the first half, without really creating too much, were the better side in my opinion. They got after the ball a lot better than us and they just looked that wee bit better, having not seen the game back.

“First half, for me it felt like we were nowhere near it – whether that’s down to us or them, I don’t know.  Second half we were a lot better, a lot more like ourselves. We tried everything to get the goal but we just couldn’t. We couldn’t find a way to score so I’m just disappointed.”

What did you feel was lacking today? 

“Goals. First half, I don’t know, I need to watch it back. I don’t want to come out and say that we weren’t great and that’s why they were better than us in the first half.They’re a decent team, we know that. They got after us and we weren’t as courageous or brave enough on the ball in the first half to go and try and play the way when normally we are.

“We could have had a few goals in the first half as well from crosses, but our play just wasn’t the way ot normally is. The gaps in the team were too big in the first half, from defenders all the way through. I think the boys addressed that in the second half and certainly the distances between our centre backs and our midfield was a lot better. We had a lot more control in the game but it might be the opposite when I watch it back. We didn’t really test their keeper too much although we had some really really good chances that we have to be more clinical with.”

End of home league record, it had to come to an end sometime but that doesn’t make it any easier?

“Whether it is away from home or at home and when you’re still raw twenty minutes after a game, it hurts. It’s natural, we work all week to come in and try and win a game of football. There was a fantastic crowd in here again today who backed us right to the end to try and salvage something especially late on. 

“A goal in the second half, with this crowd behind us, we could have went on and got all three points. It wasn’t to be. It has been a fantastic run, but we’ve got to take the defeat on the chin. We need to look over this game, see where we went wrong, work hard and we have another tough game last week.”

Were you seeking an explanation from the referee at the end for your booking?

“Yes. I don’t understand it, I won’t say too much because I will get in trouble but I basically asked a simple question. I got what I thought was a simple answer and gave a simple response back and got booked. I got told that a couple of years ago it would not have been a booking but they have got to do it now. So in essence they are saying that you cannot talk to them. That is fine it is no big drama. I wasn’t asking anything about the game in terms of decisions. There was nothing in my opinion, although I have not seen the offside when the goalkeeper makes a fantastic save. I have no complaints with that. As normal my complaint is that you try and build up a relationship. As managers, players, referees, I think it should be a three way thing. I wasn’t disrespectful in any way, I will back myself in that.

“The times that I have been disrespectful I have gone and apologised. I just think that it is getting to the point now where we cannot talk to referees and maybe they should just ban it. That would maybe help.”

Today in front of a 7500 crowd the game was a great advert for the Championship?

“That’s what happens at this club. We had a near full house last year on a cold Tuesday night, we have had a fantastic crowds and credit to Raith, they brought a fantastic crowd today as well. We want to play here when it is a crowd like that. We want to play in front of big crowds and essentially you want to win the game and we need to win the game. That’s the disappointing thing, but look I’m not surprised with the backing we got or the numbers who were here.  I’m just disappointed we couldn’t get a result for them.”

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