Manager post Queen’s Park

Listen to this James McPake interview

Stubborn performance until the first goal? Manager James McPake responded:

”Spot on. I think in terms of what we had asked them, to go out and at least show they cared this week, they did that. It’s not to say they didn’t care last week, but it maybe didn’t show in some of the performances.  I thought the first half there was plenty of effort and no real quality. The one bit of quality from both teams, I think in the first half, was the bit of play that results in the chance for Michael.

“Queen’s Park didn’t threaten us in the first half much either, so, both teams, it was quite a boring first half, but with both teams showing plenty of effort. Effort isn’t enough; we need that quality.

“We’re on a real bad run, we know that. The facts are there for that, how long it’s been since we’ve won, the goals we’re conceding. We just need to come out fighting, we need to get this place going, whether it takes a change of shape, a change of personnel.  We can go back and look at it and say about the injured players, and it’s maybe now when you’re looking and you’re in these situations where you see the experience missing from that team.

“Hopefully over the next week which, regardless of today, we’re in the process of trying to add a couple of experienced bodies in. Hopefully that galvanises that group.  For us, and I’m not trying to be smart, but we will get this right here. We’re in a bad, bad position at the minute, but I’ll go on record, and it’s in no way trying to be the big man or anything, but we’ll not get relegated from this league.”

You are sitting second bottom?

“We’re in a relegation battle for the rest of the season. We can forget play-offs, we can forget everything. We need to concentrate on winning a game. With the confidence I’ve got in that group and what we’re trying to do, and the staff around it, we’ll not get relegated from this league.”

How do you lift confidence?

“It’s great for us when we were winning games and we were walking off and the fans were cheering our names.  That [booing] comes with the job. We can’t let it affect them. Yes, they’re hurting, of course they are, we’re all hurting but we need to move on to next week. We need to quickly move on, find a win, find a way to win.

“We were in that game and then had one setback. We need to find a way to deal with setbacks.  That might be with the help of some experience, it might just be a change of something else but it needs to turn and it will turn.”

How quickly do you think that you can get someone in?

“We almost had someone in this morning. We were hoping to have someone in, which wouldn’t have helped today. But we’re working very hard on it, to be fair we have been. We’ve spoken about this loan window and when the Premiership teams decide they can let players go. We’re working hard on it.”

You spoke on Thursday about getting good support from the board, are you confident that won’t have changed with this result?


Match Report: 10/02/24 ~ Dunfermline 0 Queen’s Park 3

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