Manager post Partick Thistle

Listen to this James McPake interview

James McPake expressed his pleasure to watch his side win their first match since 9th December. He told the media post match:-

“It’s been a while certainly. I’m delighted for that young group. For most of us, it’s probably one of the longest runs without a win. I can never remember that, in terms of being a player or a manager as well.

“You worry how a young group will take that when it’s not happening. In that run, there’s been some decent performances. Last week was decent, in terms of the performance and chances created. But when you’re at home to Arbroath you’re expected to win when you’re at this club. We felt that we had done enough to win that game. 

“So, there’s been a couple in there that have been decent enough but you can’t keep going in there and saying that to them when the narrative is no wins in nine. We knew we had to win a game, just to give them that feeling again. I’m proud they’ve got that tonight and we’ll move on to Tuesday now.”

It was a good comeback from going one goal down?

“I’ll be brutally honest, when you go a goal down here and you’re on the run you’re on you do fear the worst.  Coupled with the fact we were decent for 66 minutes against Queen’s Park and then capitulated a little bit. Morton, we never got going and goal after goal goes in. So you were thinking when the first goal goes in here you’re thinking, ‘is it going to be another long night?’.  They showed real character and real desire to get back in the game.

“I think we deserved to win it in the end with chances created. I know there’s a bit of controversy with the goals but I’ve genuinely not seen them back but I’m just delighted to get that win, more so for the players more than anything.

“They are training away great and everybody’s fed up of me saying every week we’re training well because it doesn’t mean anything when you don’t win at the weekend. Over the course, if we can keep them bright and bubbly, which has not been hard to do, then it will change.  We’re getting other players back as well, that helps us. I’m delighted they can go home and not worry about what mood I’m going to be in when we turn up the next day.”

Malachi Fagan-Walcott goalscorer, two goals in his first five games?

“That’s what I said to him, I can’t remember him being like that when I was at Dundee, he is a great kid. I worked with him a few years ago and followed his progress. He has had a real good education at Tottenham, he made his debut down there at Cardiff and he just needs to get out and play.

”Last week was his first professional goal, he will be looking to add to it on Tuesday. Him and Xav, the two of them scored from two setplays, something I have been going on about. I think he was excellent because Brian Graham is a handful and not just a handful because there is more to Brian Graham than that. I have seen that over the years and I keep speaking about him every time we play them pre and post match and I thought Malachi and Chris Hamilton did really well against him tonight.”

Matty Todd showed what we have been missing from him?

“After about a minute and a half Matty showed what we’ve been missing. You see that intent right away. I think he gives the rest of the team a boost as well when they see that as well.  Matty has scored really important goals for me here at this club.

“That one, talk about not just the importance of it but just how good a goal it was.  It was the touch, he was facing away and then his composure to dink it over the goalkeeper.  He’s a goal threat, he’s energetic and he can work defensively.

“The reason he’s probably still at Dunfermline without much chat about him is because he’s been injured, because he’s a player that can go and have a fantastic career in football. Normally I would say if he keeps working hard, but I don’t need to say that with Matty because he’s got that already.

“I’m delighted for him, because it’s been tough, from the back end of last season as well, with the appendix surgery. He missed the last three or four games of that season. He might be the common denominator because the last time we won, against Airdrie, Matty Todd scored as well.. We need to keep him fit.”

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