Manager post Inverness

Listen to this James McPake interview

After the 1-1 draw at Inverness manager James McPake gave his thoughts on the game:-

“The emotion at the minute straight after the game is that we are disappointed to be going away with a point. We went behind and it was similar circumstances like last week we had a lot of the ball but we conceded a goal to go behind. There were not many clear cut chances in the first half, there were a lot of good balls into good areas that we just weren’t getting on the end of. It is certainly something that we will have to have a look at. 

“Second half we were the dominant team in my opinion, we deserved to get the point and in the end we didn’t do enough to get that second goal. In terms of chances created and the dominance of the second half, we are gutted that we are not going down the road with three points.”

You seemed to get stronger as the game went on but the substitutions made an impact as well?

“They did that, they were excellent. I don’t think anyone was bad in terms of the changes we did make but it gave a different dimensions to the team, a different dynamic with the players that we could bring on when we were chasing the game. It is now to be able to that. We are getting the squad back that allows us to do that.

“I’m delighted for the ones that went on and made an impact but also the attitude they show to coming off. You never want them to be happy, I specifically say that because Rhys Breen would have been disappointed that he wasn’t playing. He was sitting behind me and I think he was the loudest person in Inverness just encouraging his team mates. That’s the spirit in the group and I fully believe that is what helps us and keeps us going so much because they all have that and they all back each other.”

Promising debut for Owen Moffat 

Moffat showed just what a game changer he can be?

“Everyone will talk about what a goal it would have been but I thought his all round play was excellent. He has bags of energy, he can carry the ball, he can beat a man and can shoot from distance as you see. He just brings real energy to the team. 

“Not that long ago he was coming on in a cup final for Celtic and winning cups. We did try and bring him in last summer but he wanted to try his hand in English football which is fair enough. He went down and in his opinion it has not worked out, so we are delighted to get him in. He will certainly help the group.

“Obviously Kane coming back – that’s his first appearance in first team football this season. You saw the lift that the fans got when he came on as well. I don’t think we can too much away from the likes of Aaron Comrie as well. Aaron has been fantastic and as I say, it wasn’t a change just because we felt Aaron was poor in the game, far from it. When you can bring changes like that on it certainly helps.”

Chris Hamilton goalscorer

You have Chris Hamilton to thank for a better journey home than it might have been?

“We will still be sore going down the road. Kyle Benedictus certainly will because of his foot. The feeling is that we should be going down there with three points but we will look at it back and that might change. Hammy was excellent. We changed the shape early in the first half because Billy Mckay was causing us a bit of bother dropping into areas that we never really had protected. So we then went 3-1-4-2 and Hammy changed position with the  shape and then he has to go into centre back (when Kyle Benedictus had to go off) and he pops up with a goal. 

“It will mean a lot to him because he is a massive Dunfermline fan and to score in front of the Dunfermline fans as well. It has been a good week for him. He played in the reserves on Tuesday and to be fair he knew by then that he was going to be playing but still wanted to play in the reserves. As did Ben Summers but the two of them wanted to get a bit of sharpness. That shows you the characters and the attitude that’s in the group. I’m delighted for him.

“He should be getting more goals, I know that he is not the biggest but he is very effective in the air and he is brave. He has popped up with an important one today.”

Kyle Benedictus’ injury

How damaged is Kyle’s foot?

“I hope it will be okay. You get those injuries and I had to make the decision to take him off.  We don’t know if there is any bone damage until we get it x-rayed or scanned but hopefully it is just one of those ones where you kick a boot and bruises with the studs because he is very important to us. That’s football. 

“He was just wanting his boots changed rather than come off because his other boots were a bit bigger and when it gets to that point I think you have to make a decision. He is as brave as a lion and would have ran about there even if his foot was broken. Hopefully he will be okay.”

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