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“I’ve not really been involved in a game as a player, coach or a manager like that. Thankfully in the end one goes in. We’re disappointed not to win the game but you can just imagine how we’d be feeling if I was coming out here saying again that we’ve performed well and taken nothing.

“It’s a point, it’s not what we want at home but when you get a day like that, sometimes you take it. I can’t ask any more of the player today. As a team, the way they kept going, the way they kept the ball. They played some really good stuff.

“Inverness are a good team. We’ve seen a lot of them and obviously seen them today with our own eyes. I know some of their players, they are a good team. Since Duncan has gone in, with what he’s done, they’re going to be a threat to every team in this league.  Performance wise again – I keep harping on about – I was pleased. When you hit the post seven, eight or nine times, sometimes it’s not for you.

“Credit to them because when they come down and play the way that they are playing, get themselves in the lead, they are hard to break down. I just think if you were a neutral it would have been a good game to sit and watch. There were only two goals in it and sometimes you talk about games and you want lots of goals.  They had chances as well, but I’m not a neutral – I’m just desperate for a couple of them to go in but it just wasn’t to be.”

Fair play to the boys, Dunfermline could have wrapped it when Otoo’s shot came back off the post?

“They’ll never pack in that group, in terms of who we’ve recruited and the standards we ask of them. There will be bad performances, but I don’t think I’ll ever stand here and accuse that group of chucking it. I’m not saying you accused them because you said exactly what they did. That’s a trait that you need to have. It’s one of the things we demand and there has not been a game since we have been here when they have done that. I hope I’m not cursing myself by saying that!

“I wasn’t surprised by that and then the wee bit that was surprising at the end. Obviously we were pretty attacking, we had Ewan Otoo at one point playing up. We just let him go it because he is that good a footballer. He was playing as a ten at that time, a left winger, he was dribbling into the box and even when we scored the goal and thinking it had not been our day we need not to concede but we still want to win the game. 

“At that point you saw their character and you could see the crowd and the place get going. The noise was special after that McCann goal – a great goal to be fair. The crowd were pushing us and edging us on. I’m just gutted for them as well because they got right behind us again. To be fair we heard the rumblings when we were keeping the ball but then they could see the reason the players are keeping it and playing themselves out of trouble, then they soon appreciate it. We can accept that, the players know that. It is not so much a demand it’s just a desperation to see that team do well. We want them to continue that. We all want the same thing.”

There have to be positives from Matty Todd and Kane Ritchie-Hosler starting their first league games of the season?

“Yes, again you go through all the scenarios in your head – how long can they last? Which subs can you bring on but again we were just a little bewildered by what was going on with the posts. We should not forget that we need to be careful with them. It was both their first starts but it was a team performance today. Not a team win but a real team performance.

“Aaron Comrie has been one of our most consistent players last season and this season but he didn’t get on the pitch today because we were chasing the game late on. Wighton started last week, Jakubiak started the week before then McCann starts as the number nine today. Wee Moff came off again but I could go through them all. When you just see what they do for each other, they are not huffy. Deep down they will be disappointed not to start but they just get on with their jobs. That’s why I can speak so confidently that group wouldn’t chuck it. 

“Having those two back is really important, it changes the dynamic of the squad and what we can do. We can set up in different ways and today was probably the first time this season if one of our centre backs got injured we could have stuck to our shape by being able to put Aaron in there.  The squad is looking good. I pray that we get Breeny and Bene back without any others getting injured but I know football.

“Another one who needs a mention is Harry Sharp, he was excellent in the second half last week when Deniz, who has been excellent, gets concussion. The two of them with Max (Little) everyday work each other to a standard where the training is excellent and that’s all the way through from the goalkeepers to the strikers. 

“I think you can tell that I’m proud of the team. I’m bitterly disappointed that we never got the three points. Credit to Inverness and Duncan for his start but I’m really proud of my players today.”

Match Report: 18/11/23 – Dunfermline 1 Inverness Caley Thistle 1

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