Manager post Dundee United

Listen to this James McPake interview

The Dunfermline manager was disappointed to lose the SPFL Trust Trophy match 3-0 away to Dundee United:-

“It looked at half time that the game was away from us, we lost sloppy goals but I’d need to see them back but in terms of performance, the positives to take out of it are the younger kids.

“Taylor Sutherland started against an experienced player like Declan Gallagher, Andrew Tod getting another 90 minutes, Ewan McLeod coming on to make his debut. Those are the positives and the fact that I don’t think at any time it looked like the players chucked it.

“They kept going. Now that might have been the way the game was going anyway, sometimes the pressure is off when you are 3-0 down, sometimes you can let the game go and it becomes a real sore one for you. We wanted to win the game but with the people we had out with injury and not being able to play in this competition it was always going to be a tough afternoon.”

How many had you unavailable?

“Nine. Obviously that is not including Jakubiak who was here but we didn’t risk him today. If it has been a league game we would have been more aggressive with Wighton to get him back training. He will be fine for next wood so hopefully touch wood we will be stronger next week if we can get away from these injuries.”

How many will be back available for next weekend?

“Jakubiak will be available and Wighton hopefully but anytime I say that we are getting people back something happens. As it stands at the minute Wighton, Jakubiak, Harry Sharp, Sam Fisher and Ben Summers will all be back for next week. Ben is away with the Scotland under 21s on Monday, so we will hopefully half that list.”

How is Owen Moffat (who went off in 62 minutes)?

“He is good, that was his first start in a while. The thing that I like about Owen is that he tries things on the game and even when it is not coming off, he will try and always play forward, he will still try and create. To get an hour out of him I was delighted. 

“Again if the squad had been bigger we maybe wouldn’t have had to go as long. As soon as we saw him cramping up we were certainly not going to take any chances. It was a hot day and he has not played for while, it was good to get an hour into him. He is getting better all the time.”

Alex Jakubiak did not feature today but what is he going to bring to your team?

“First and foremost as a character he is brilliant to work with. Obviously I signed him at Dundee and he was really unfortunate. That worked both ways because getting unfortunate injuries which were the first in his career really, it hampered us a lot. You saw at the end of last season the effect that he can have.

“I was surprised that he didn’t stay there (at Dundee). I tried to bring him here at Christmas when he was coming back from injury and they told me ‘no’. You can see why because he had a fantastic effect on that team to get them get promoted at the end of last season. 

“He is dynamic, he is quick, he is strong and he can create, he can score. So we are looking forward to getting him involved with the squad but today it just didn’t make any sense to risk him even for twenty minutes here or there. He did a bit this morning, he has trained all week with us so I’m delighted to get him in.”

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