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James McPake gave his thoughts after the 2-2 draw at Somerset Park:-

“In terms of overall play and chances created in that first-half, we were certainly well worthy of the 2-0 lead.

“It could have been more. I remember the one the goalkeeper has great save from Wighton after great working from Jakubiak down that left side.

“It felt really comfortable.  The goal we lost was really unfortunate. Joe (Chalmers) slips and a player like Aiden McGeady isn’t going to miss from that range.

“Credit to Ayr, they came back into the game and got a point out of it in the end. It looked like we were hanging on, and we probably were, with everything that had gone on in the game – the change of shape three or four times because of the personnel.

“It was a really tough one, particularly when you’re 2-0 up but I’ve got real pride in that group, that they managed somehow to salvage something from that game.

“With 15 minutes to go it looked like we were that much on the back foot and we had run out of everything. So, credit to them for that.”

Lee Bullen said that Dunfermline were so far ahead in the first half that the game could have been out of sight by half time, it was a game of two halves?

“It was and with fifteen minutes left to go I was saying to Dave (Mackay) that with no changes left and nobody there to come on to help us that if we get away with a draw here it’s been (good). They were on the front foot they were on top, they’ve got some good players, particularly at the top end of the pitch, so they tested us a lot in the second-half.

“Credit to our team. They stood firm with a couple of saves from Den (Mehmet) and we had a couple of chances in that second-half as well.

“In the first-half, we were excellent and showed what we can do when we play the ball and we’re in our shape and doing what we’ve worked on all week.  It’s really disappointing it was only two, but on the flip side credit to Ayr United. They came back into the game.

“Apart from the point at the end, what we take is the real determination and pride from them all to work hard to get something out of the game.  They were bitterly disappointed because any time you go 2-0 up in a game, as a player, manager, coach or a fan, it’s a hammer blow to you when the other team gets back to 2-2.

“That group of players had to get themselves back on their feet and went again, which is a real credit to them.”

Alex Jakubiak off the mark?

“I think today is the best he has been but that’s on the back of the last couple of weeks of training. He has been frustrated that the goal hasn’t arrived. I didn’t want to come out and say it before the goal came but you probably get to that point as a striker that everybody is saying that it’s been however many games since a goal. That’s what they live for, they play the game for us to score goals. 

“So that would have been eating away at him, his work rate and everything in training and everything in games that he has played has been there. Today I think he put it all together, he took two good goals and he could have set another couple up. 

“He was a real hand full all afternoon. Again credit to him and Craig Wighton. Both of them started as strikers and both of them at one point were in behind a striker. Jak was out wide on one side and then out wide the other side. 

“It was a really good afternoon for him in terms of the two goals but he’ll be disappointed in there as well that you score two goals and you don’t go away winning the game after going 2-0 up. I thought he was excellent today.”

You made five changes today, four of them looked enforced and you lost another two or three today, it’s not easy dealing with these injuries?

“No, it is not. In terms of a game, I’d rather we had lost that game 3-2 and had no injuries, just down to mistakes or bad tactics. It is just frustrating for the players when they keep getting injured particularly the ones that have been out. I have been that player that’s been out and then you come back after doing all your work.

“Hopefully Breeny’s is okay. We are hoping that it is just a cramp issue and hopefully we have caught that in time. It has been a heavy period for him coming back in after the long lay off. We will assess that.

“Michael (O’Halloran) had been ill for the second half of the week. Until Ewan Otoo pulled out in the warm up and a couple of injuries yesterday and Ewan Otoo today there was never really a plan for Michael to play the 90 anyway. So for him to give us what he had was great but it is tough. Tough personally for the players, as I say I’d rather have lost that game 3-2 and got no injuries.

“Benedictus we will assess in the morning but he didn’t look comfortable at all. I’m not quite sure if it is in the exact same bit )of his thigh) but I’m gutted for him. He has been working really hard and he is in really good condition fitness-wise just for the work he has done. 

“Personally for him, he is our captain and is a massive part of our football club. He has trained really well, we might be lucky with it, we will wait and see but going by the injuries that we have had this season I wouldn’t put my hat on that.”

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