Josh Edwards Celebrates 150 Appearances

This Saturday Josh Edwards deserves an extra cheer from Dunfermline fans for having reached a remarkable milestone of 150 appearances for the club. An ever present in James McPake’s side this season, Josh has missed only three matches in the last two seasons and reaching this milestone speaks volumes about his commitment and passion for the game. It is also a testament to his enduring importance to the team. He modestly said:-

“I have done alright. I have managed to avoid any bad injury, although I’d say it is definitely more luck than it is looking after myself. I didn’t even realise I’d reached 150 games until this morning. I knew I was getting close towards it, but it is a nice feeling,” says Josh, reflecting on his journey with Dunfermline.

In those 150 appearances, Josh has been a key figure in various memorable matches for the club. He recalls some of the standout moments that have defined his career at Dunfermline: 

“Maybe my full debut when I got my first start at Celtic Park, that was a good one. The Falkirk game at home last season, when we won 2-0 – I enjoyed that one. The 4-3 at Airdrie and the Queen of the South 5-0 to win the Championship. Another good one was beating Arbroath here 1-0 with a last-minute header by Kevin O’Hara. That was Boxing Day during Covid, it was the first game where I was involved in a last-minute winner, and it was one that just stuck by me. There have been so many games that I have really enjoyed playing in. Hopefully, long may it continue.”

Of course, not every match is a sweet memory. Josh didn’t enjoy the 5-0 loss to Morton on the first Saturday of 2022, but he’s eager for a chance of retribution when Morton come to play at Dunfermline this Saturday :-

“It wasn’t one we enjoyed and was one we had to dust down pretty quickly. For me, the club is so much different than it was back then. The way the players are together, it is so much stronger a place. Hopefully, we can put on a good performance this Saturday because that still sticks with me as a really low point in my career.”

Indeed, Dunfermline Athletic has transformed into a different team since that unsavoury evening in Greenock. Since Josh was signed by Stevie Crawford in July 2019 he has lived through both relegation and promotion with the Pars but he identifies the team’s cohesion that brought about an immediate return to the Championship:-

“It is strange because the core group of boys have been here for three or four years now. We have always been a pretty close bunch, it was just something that season didn’t work, and obviously now we have got ourselves back on track. Now I definitely feel that the club is going places. I just feel that the team keeps getting better and better. I just hope we keep showing that on the pitch because I feel the results this season haven’t shown that but we are not far away.”

Even in the face of relegation, the core of the team remained intact, he added:-

“It is quite common when a club gets relegated that there is a big overhaul of players. The gaffer came in and trusted the boys who are here. We have done alright to repay that trust and get the club back to where we should be, and that’s the top half of the Championship, fighting to get back into the Premier League.”

Josh’s versatility on the pitch is another asset to Dunfermline. He has adapted to various roles, showcasing his growth as a player anywhere on the left side:-

“I could almost be a striker these days as well” he joked. “I wouldn’t say that I have a nailed-down position anymore; it is just like I know where to be when we don’t have the ball and I know where to be when we do have the ball. I wouldn’t say it’s a free role, but it is a bit of everything now. I’m enjoying it, it is good, and I’m enjoying the attacking side much more than I used to.”

Josh has been given the freedom to go forward, which perfectly complements his style of play:-

“I don’t think it’s any secret that there are better ball players at the club than me. Me being able to use what I’m good at – running, using my pace and putting balls into the box, then using my fitness to get back and help the boys as well. It’s definitely made me a better player and makes me look better as well. I’m relishing it; it is good for me to use my part of the game that I’m good at.”

Josh Edwards

This season, Josh acknowledges there have been good wins and some disappointing experiences but believes in the team’s potential:-

“There’s been a few ups and downs, obviously. We had a decent start in the League Cup campaign, we were a wee bit unlucky not to qualify, and at the start of the league season, we got off to a flyer against Airdrie. The next weekend against Dundee United, we really should have taken three points out of that game, especially when it gets to the 95th minute. We were gutted to lose that goal, but these things happen.”

Despite facing injuries, Josh says the team is gradually regaining its strength:-

“With the boys coming back, it almost feels like a new signing every other week. We have quite a long injury list, but the boys are doing their best in the journey to come back and help us on the pitch. They are there every week to support us, so we are all in it together really. The quicker they get back, the stronger we will be.”

The 23 year old also stresses the importance of keeping injured players integrated into the team’s spirit:-

“I have been quite lucky; I have never really had a long injury lay off but it is certainly a big factor. These boys are not out training with you all the time, so you are not around them all the time. You see them here and there coming out of the gym or at lunch. You don’t see them as much as you usually would, so it is important to keep them feeling that they are still part of the group, keep their spirits as high as possible.”

Josh Edwards’ 150 appearances for Dunfermline Athletic mark not only a personal achievement but a symbol of his enduring commitment to the club and the close-knit bond that holds this team together. As they strive for success in the Championship and hopefully beyond, Josh’s contributions on and off the pitch continue to make a significant impact on the club’s journey. Here’s to the next 150 appearances.

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