Dynamics Driving Dunfermline

The importance of a supportive and insightful board cannot be overstated. Thomas Meggle and Nick Teller were at the club last week and manager James McPake welcomed the presence and guidance of the German investors whose assistance continues to be invaluable. James shared his thoughts on the regular meetings with the board members and how their unique perspectives have positively influenced his approach to the game.

Building Relationships and Gaining Insights

The relationship between the Dunfermline management team and the German investors goes beyond the typical owner-manager dynamic. James expressed his delight in the opportunity to engage in regular discussions with Thomas Meggle and Nick Teller. Describing the frequency of these meetings, the manager highlighted the genuine collaboration that takes place, saying, “It is brilliant to meet up with them, I genuinely mean that. How often do we have them? Unless they have other business commitments, I’d say probably every six weeks.

“It has been a month since he was over but I speak to Thomas most Mondays just to go over the game which is great, sometimes it’s on the phone sometimes it’s a video call. Normally the Friday one is a video call – what’s the team on Saturday, what are we looking for in the game?”

James stressed the openness and constructive nature of their conversations. Thomas Meggle, brings a wealth of experience, having played, coached, managed and served as a sporting director at German club, St. Pauli. This diverse background has allowed the Pars boss and his assistant, Dave Mackay, to gain insights into a different facet of the game, broadening their perspectives.

The Value of External Influence

The Dunfermline manager revealed that the German investors never dictate on team selection or tactics. Instead, they offer valuable feedback and insights based on their extensive footballing experience. James explained, “Thomas will say this himself, he has never once said ‘you should play him, you should do this, do that.’ I can say from my point of view it’s priceless for me and Dave when someone who has experienced a very high level of football in a foreign country.  It has opened our eyes up to certain different things.”

Challenging Discussions and Constructive Disagreements

“We believe we are better for it but that’s been consistent since we got the job and it was a case of if you are comfortable, we would like to have these meetings. Of course, we jumped at it because we wanted to ask questions. Nick is great as well from a different perspective just from what he has done and the support, and so is the rest of the board.”

Highlighting the healthy dynamic within the management team, James emphasised the importance of constructive discussions and healthy disagreements. He revealed, “Dave said that probably me and him probably have more disagreements and constructive discussions than we ever do with anybody else. I think that is why we have a good working relationship – we are not afraid to challenge each other, we are not afraid to fall out.”

Strength in Collaboration

The collaboration between Dunfermline manager James McPake and German investors Thomas Meggle and Nick Teller shows the positive impact of a supportive and engaged board. The exchange of ideas, the diverse perspectives, and the willingness to challenge each other have created a dynamic environment that benefits the team. As Dunfermline navigates the challenges of the cinch Championship, the consistent support and guidance from their German mentors provide a solid foundation for future success.

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