Alex Jakubiak Sets Sights on a New Beginning

Alex Jakubiak made his first appearance in a Dunfermline strip during a recent Reserve League match against Kilmarnock. The 27 year old striker, who played the first 45 minutes of the game, expressed his excitement and determination following his debut and gave fans an insight into his journey to Dunfermline and his aspirations for the future.

Getting Back in the Game

After a four month long break from competitive football, Alex Jakubiak was eager to get the legs going again. His last professional match dates back to May 5th, when he played for Dundee against Queen’s Park. Speaking about his debut, Alex said, “It was good, just trying to get the cobwebs out my legs. The last time I actually played a game was the last game of the season for Dundee at Queen’s Park. I felt good during the 45 minutes. I probably could have done another ten, fifteen minutes or so but I feel good and ready to go.”

Buzzing to Be at Dunfermline

Jakubiak expressed his excitement about joining Dunfermline, stating, “Yes, I am. I know that it is a cliché, but I’m buzzing to be here, I genuinely am. I am excited about the opportunity to work with the gaffer again, which is one that I’m really looking forward to.” His connection with Dunfermline’s manager, James McPake, played a pivotal role in his decision to join the club.

The Manager’s Influence

James McPake was the manager who signed Jakubiak for Dundee, and their relationship was a significant factor in bringing the striker to Dunfermline. Jakubiak explained, “I was speaking to him a lot over the summer. I know what to expect from him, and he knows what to expect from me. He still kept a lot of trust and belief in me. Even at the end of the season when I was out of contract, he was the first one to give me a call. That kind of helps, knowing how keen he was to get me in.”

A Previous Attempt

It turns out that McPake had shown interest in signing Jakubiak in January this year, as the striker revealed, “Yes, we had a conversation. I was just coming back from injury at the time, so I don’t know exactly what happened, but I remember saying to him that I felt once I got fit I would be playing every week. That did happen towards the end of the season, and I felt that I did well for myself at the back end of last season.”

Timing and Preparation

Regarding the timing of his signing with Dunfermline, Jakubiak shared insights into his approach, saying, “Things are never quite as straightforward as maybe they might seem from the outside. I have not really had an off-season in all my time at Dundee. Each off-season, I have been coming back from injury, so I just kept myself training. I took a little bit of a break and had some downtime because I have been full-on aside from the injuries for the last three years.”

Above: Alex Jakubiak playing against Dunfermline in the SPFL Trust Trophy

Settling In Quickly

Having played against Dunfermline in the SPFL Trust Trophy in January and with familiar faces like Dave Mackay, Sam Fisher and Harry Sharp at the club, Alex Jakubiak has had a smooth transition into the Dunfermline setup. He noted, “Yeah, it helps you settle in. You never know what to expect coming into a new changing room. I think I had played against quite a few of the boys before. Everyone welcomed me in very quickly, and that helped me settle down.”

Team Spirit

Jakubiak also praised the team spirit at Dunfermline, something that James McPake had mentioned before his arrival. He believes that the collective camaraderie is fostered by the personalities within the team and the influence of the manager. “It is a good group,” he remarked.

Fond Memories of Dundee

Despite his injuries, Alex Jakubiak has fond memories of his time at Dundee. He reflected on his tenure there, saying, “I loved it despite my injuries. The end of the season was the perfect way for me to finish personally. I didn’t want it to end, I had an interview after the last game where I was happy to admit that and say that I wanted to stay, but it is part of the game. You move on, but I leave there with some good memories.”

Looking Ahead

With a new beginning at Dunfermline, Alex Jakubiak is determined to make up for lost time. He’s eager to contribute to his new team’s success and is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. “You could say that, yeah. Lost time and a new start as well. It is something that I’m looking forward to,” he concluded.

A Twist of Fate

One of the intriguing aspects of Alex Jakubiak’s journey to Dunfermline was the coincidence that his last competitive opponents were Queen’s Park, the same team he might face if he were to make his first-team debut for Dunfermline this Saturday. Reflecting on this, he commented, “It is funny how things work out like that, at Hampden as well. I have never played there. If that is the case, it will be a good one and a new one for me as well.”

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