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Tuesday, 21st Jul 2015

Club statement

Our club would like to make the following statement, as in recent days the Board of directors and members of staff have been contacted by various people in connection with this matter.

For the avoidance of any doubt, our club has no control or influence over DAFC.net, which is operated by, and functions thanks to a team of willing supporters. In addition, the domain is not owned by our club. Any decision made by the operator(s) of the website is not influenced, in any shape or form, by either the Pars United or DAFC Boards, and never will be.

For the record, our club has no intention of operating a fans forum, employing any third party companies to undertake match updates, or make any further changes to our existing media platforms or match reports via the official website, Facebook or Twitter pages.

Coincidentally, the club was approached only yesterday by one of the remaining administrators of the Pars United website and social media streams. The joint decision has now been taken to close down the Pars United website and social media streams, as these are no longer required as they effectively duplicate with the official DAFC channels. In addition, it is an onerous task for the team of volunteers to continually update the site on an ongoing basis. Our club would like to thank them all for their help and support up until now.

We are on the cusp of a new season, and for whatever reason this matter has caused some degree of negativity, despite it being nothing to do with our club.

We hope this statement clarifies the situation and would ask our supporters to move forward, forget about old differences and focus on the positive things associated with our club, and be excited by the expectation of a new season, new manager and new players.

Come on Ye Pars!

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