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Annual General Meeting of DAFC Ltd

Monday, 12th May 2014

12/05/14: Dunfermline Athletic Football Club Ltd ("DAFC").
The DAFC AGM was held at 7.00 p.m. on Monday 12 May at East End Park

The meeting was chaired by Bob Garmory, who opened by saying that the Board wanted the meeting to be as open and transparent as possible and that questions from shareholders were encouraged.

As well as Bob, Margaret Ross, Ian Hunter, Kip McBay and Ross McArthur were present from the Board.Jim Leishman and Craig McWhirter sent apologies for not being able to attend.David McMorrine (General Manager) was also part of the top table.

Before the formal business of the meeting, Ian Hunter repeated the brief presentation on the Company's business and accounts which had been given at the PU CIC AGM.

Moving on to the formal business, Bob told the shareholders that, the previous week, the first AGM of Pars United CIC had been held and the composition of its six-person board was ratified by the shareholders.

He said that one of the first tasks of the new PU CIC Board was formally to appoint the Board of DAFC.Before that AGM, the existing members of the Pars United Board consulted quite widely on the future structure of the Board of DAFC.They received some strong representations regarding the benefits of maintaining continuity at DAFC Board level.The Interim Board had put in place arrangements whereby each DAFC Board member was allocated a specific area of responsibility as well as having a collective involvement in major decisions.

All the members of the Interim Board of DAFC had expressed a willingness to continue in office for a further period. Accordingly, the directors of Pars United re-appointed five of the existing directors of DAFC (Ian Hunter, Craig McWhirter, Jim Leishman, Kip McBay and Bob). It had also appointed Mr Ross McArthur as an additional director of DAFC. However, subsequent to the meeting Craig McWhirter asked to resign from the Board of DAFC due to business reasons, although the Board are delighted that Craig will continue to represent our Club in terms of delivering the new Fife Regional Youth Academy.

Bob went on to explain that the DAFC Articles gave The Pars Supporters' Trust the right to appoint a director and that Margaret Ross had been nominated as The PST's representative on the Board.Thus, the Board was now made up of seven people and the term "Interim" would be dropped in future.

On completion of the formal business, the meeting was opened to questions from shareholders.The topics covered included:

·A description of the role of the General Manager;

·An update on the state of affairs regarding Pitreavie;

·A summary of the key community issues which are to be addressed in the short term.

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